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Newsletter INSPIRATION, Integrated spatial planning, land use and soil management research action Newsletter INSPIRATION, Integrated spatial planning, land use and soil management research action
The INSPIRATION mission continues
  On World Soil Day 2018, the final conference of INSPIRATION is already one year in the past. Partners from all over Europe who contributed to the  which summarises the research needs to fill the knowledge gaps hindering effective and sustainable land use have been working on various projects to supporting our mission in the last year.

The SOILVER initiative is an outstanding example. In summer 2018, a workshop was organised by INSPIRATION and partners of the former SNOWMAN network to establish a new platform for funding integrated soil and land research in Europe. By today, soil is not supported as a specific topic in European policy and research. The new SOILVER Platform is investigating the possibility to fill this gap. The idea is a funders for funders Platform that starts from the INSPIRATION agenda in order to facilitate projects that serve societally relevant research needs.

The workshop in Helsinki with funders from Belgium (Wallonia and Flanders), Finland, France, Germany, Montenegro, Sweden and the Netherlands was the basis for clarification of the structure for the Platform and investigation of the possibilities to setting up a pilot call as starting point of a long term collaboration.

Topics particularly discussed during the workshop were effective approaches to improve European resilient soils, including the effective management of diffuse pollution and emerging contaminants in soil and groundwater, and recognizing the value of soil and land in land use decision in urban and rural systems.

Stephan Bartke and Linda Maring
Portrait of Frédérique CADIERE and Esther GOIDTS  
New SOILVER platform
Frédérique CADIERE (Ademe) and Esther GOIDTS (SPW)
European funding agencies, among which Ademe in France and SPW in Belgium, are currently shaping a new research funding platform on soil.
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Final INSPIRATION meeting  
Final INSPIRATION meeting plus 18 months
support period
To initiate the implementation of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), a final event was organized in Vienna from 19th to 20th February 2018. During this meeting beside practical work plans for the year to come, the INSPIRATION partners discussed the means of further collaboration. They agreed on a voluntary phase of 18 months to support funders who are interested in joining the efforts to implement the INPIRATION SRA. Furthermore, the concept of a new funding platform was drafted to be proposed to interested funders (see editorial above).
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Read the final INSPIRATION SRA
A public version of the INSPIRATION SRA has been layouted for offline reading: The "Europeans’ Strategic Research Agenda for Integrated Spatial Planning, Land Use and Soil Management" is available as a report from our websites. Of course – the content with extended background information and indication of national priorities remains available at
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and its implementation
Prof. Dr. Paul Nathanail, University of Nottingham, and Dr. Stephan Bartke, German Environment Agency, hosted two webinars to provide easy introductions to the INSPIRATION Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and the means to get involved in funding and implementing actively the SRA topics of key importance for funders.
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SRA agenda  
Briefing Notes
Our SRA agenda contains 39 research topics that have been clustered based on the bottom-up, iterative INSPIRATION process with more than 500 European experts. In addition to these main research challenges, specific areas have been described to highlight the prospects of collaborative research in Europe. Find out more and get inspired in our series of Briefing Notes.
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World Soil Day 2017  
INSPIRATION final event: Report and Results
Linked to World Soil Day in December 2017, the INSPIRATION final event took place in Brussels.
This event was a success considering both the public interest and broad participation of various funders and projects from across Europe. More information about the speakers and programm of the event is available at
The presentations and results are summarised in a report available for free access.
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The community research and development information service (CORDIS) reports about the results of the INSPIRATION project.
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TerraEnvision 2018  
TerraEnvision 2018
Sandra Boekhold, from RIVM, and Linda Maring and Maaike Blauw, from Deltares made a presentation of the INSPIRATION process in a session on stakeholder demands and perspectives in sustainable development at the TerraEnvision 2008.
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Article in the Moravian Geographical Reports  
Article in STOTEN
The Core Group of INSPIRATION published an article on “Soil and land use research in Europe: Lessons learned from INSPIRATION bottom-up strategic research agenda setting” in the Science of the Total Environment. The contribution discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the INSPIRATION approach in a transparent manner.
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Article in IJES  
Article in IJES
The Portuguese partner of INSPIRATION, University of Algarve, published an article on “The Strategic Research Agenda for Integrated Spatial Planning, Land Use and Land Management in Europe” in International Journal of Environmental Science.
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